External testing

A guarantor for the consistent quality of our fabrics is the strict SCHÜMER SECAN® checking system, which clearly exceeds the legal requirements. This complete system ensures lasting protection of the fabrics at the highest level. Every 100 to 120 metres we take a sample, which we send to an external testing laboratory to guarantee independent testing. The test laboratory washes the sample 50 times at 95°C and subjects it to the well-established Schümer firing test, which is significantly hotter than the EN ISO standard. Afterwards thorough evaluation of the results and issuing of the test certificates takes place.

From Schümer to our customers

Before our fabrics go on their journey to the customer, they are stamped. Fast and easy traceability without exception. We trust every single Schümer product that we approve, because only then can we confirm our customers’ trust in us. We regard our exceptionally strict test procedure as a recipe for success, which corresponds to our company philosophy of providing safety and minimising the consequences of accidents.

Our promise

We guarantee our customers, from manufacturers to end users, a transparent control system that fully meets the requirements of independence, traceability, completeness and safety. Our focus is always on the people’s safety and their wish for reliable and comfortable protective clothing. For this reason, we carry out our unique and complete Schümer Secan Flammability Test.

In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/425, we provide you with a guarantee for series conformity with fully tested quality, in accordance with “Chapter II, Article 8, Point (4):  Manufacturers must ensure, by appropriate procedures, that conformity with this regulation is always ensured in mass production.”

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