Heated business

With the combination of viscose and aramid, we have developed SCHÜMER VISCANamid, another high-quality fabric for protective clothing, characterised by its high level of inflammability. VISCANamid is used for workwear in the fire service and police departments, as well as in various industrial sectors, including the chemical, automotive and metalworking industries, and petroleum refineries.

With our brand SCHÜMER X-FIRE, we offer a premium product for fire brigades in 100% Aramid (Meta- and Para-Aramid with antistatic), also being available with a moisture protection membran.

Useful properties

As a flame-retardant fabric for different types of protective clothing SCHÜMER VISCANamid and Schümer X-FIRE can be equipped with further protective properties. On request, an additional slightly acid-repellent impregnation, a water-repellent effect, dirt repellent and/or oil-repellent layer are possible. Specific conditions of the respective occupational field will be the deciding factors.

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