Feel-good fabric

Our feel-good fabric for workwear is usually made of pure cotton and possesses optimal properties, such as breathability and very good moisture management, which guarantee the highest level of comfort, even with a lot of movement or in a very warm environment. We have long relied on the natural strengths of the renewable raw material cotton, which harmonises very well with human skin. Refinement according to the Ökotex Standard 100 protects wearers from harmful material residues.

Colourful appearance

It remains colour fast even after an extremely long service life and numerous wash cycles. This optical quality of working clothes does not escape guests, customers and patients. It contributes very much to a positive impression. Through our rigorous control system, we ensure that all our products are consistently pleasing. With its pleasant and reliable properties, Cotton Fun is ideal for workwear in the hospitality industry, hospital clothing and health and elderly care.

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