Fabric that makes claims

For more than eight decades, we have been developing and producing high-quality fabrics for the production of practical clothing that combines protection with comfort. In addition to our level of experience, we are characterised by the competence and commitment of our employees, who turn innovative ideas into reality. A strict inspection system guarantees perfect production and defines a quality level that far exceeds standardised requirements.

People in danger are our focus

Out of utmost respect for all those men and women who are exposed to health risks in their profession in order to successfully achieve projects or help in emergencies, we have made their protection the focus of our work for decades. We can not prevent anything from happening, but we can do our best to protect people when it happens. For this purpose, we go above and beyond standards and are available as a reliable and confidential contact.

An overview of our products

Schümer SECAN®

With its level of protection, SCHÜMER SECAN® far exceeds the requirements of EN standards and sets standards in heat and fire protection. According to customer wishes, SCHÜMER SECAN® fabrics can be adapted to individual conditions.


With its optimum protection against heat and fire, SECAN® PLUS fabric is used, among other things, in the steel industry, the metalworking industry and the petrochemical industry, to provide maximum safety. Skin-friendly cotton guarantees highest levels of comfort.


SECAN® SECURO fabric is a further development in proven SECAN® quality. Woven, cotton-coated carbon threads provide excellent antistatic properties, which are perfectly preserved even after 50 washing and wearing cycles.

Schümer proTEC

This protective fabric made of modacrylic with viscose or cotton, which is used among others in the steel industry, combines the advantages of these fibres at the highest level of quality. The fabric has the best wearing properties and guarantees optimum protection against heat and flames.

Schümer aluTEC

With aluTEC, we have developed the perfect fabric for demanding workwear in the aluminium industry. Due to a special mixture and fabric construction, liquid aluminium slides quickly off aluTEC. The skin is protected.

Schümer VISCANamid

With the combination of viscose and aramid, we have developed SCHÜMER VISCANamid, another high-quality fabric characterised by its high level of inflammability. VISCANamid is used for workwear in the fire service and police departments.


SCHÜMER X-FIRE  –  our premium product in 100% Aramid (Meta- and Para-Aramid plus antistatic) which we also offer with a laminate as a moisture barrier for firefighters.


Our feel-good fabric for workwear is usually made of pure cotton and has optimal properties such as high breathability and good moisture management. It remains colour fast even after an extremely long service life.


SCHÜMER RESISTAN is a smart, state-of-the-art fabric for durable antistatic protective clothing in the electronics industry. The skin-friendly material avoids hazardous discharge sparks, assuming the wearer is correctly grounded.

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