Work safety in the aluminium industry

Flame retardant materials, such as those used in steel production, do not provide effective protection in the aluminium industry because liquid aluminium adheres to the fabric and can cause severe burns. With aluTEC, we have developed the perfect fabric for demanding workwear in the aluminium industry.

Hazards slip off

Due to a special mixture and fabric construction, liquid aluminium slides quickly off aluTEC. This effectively prevents severe burns to the skin. This state-of-the-art fabric achieves an index of D3 in the 360 g/m² version and therefore the highest protection level of EN ISO 9185. A light weight of 240 g/m² (shirting), achieving protection level D2, as well as a heavy weight of 480 g/m² would also be possible.

Beyond aluminium

In addition to its high level of efficacy against liquid aluminium, aluTEC also provides very good protection against cryolite, molten magnesium and hot molten metal splashes. This versatile protection in combination with a high level of comfort and great durability, guarantees an outstanding price/performance ratio.

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