Between tradition and the future

The beginnings of Schümer as a company go far back and can not be completely reconstructed. The family roots can be found in the old Schüttorf weaving and linen merchant families Rost and Schümer. Over several decades, the company became a guarantor for the innovative production of flame-retardant fabrics. Successes and setbacks led to the right consequences for building a future-oriented company. Between tradition and the future, Schümer has proven itself as a reliable partner for garment manufacturers, leasing companies and end users.

Pre 1808
Johann-Heinrich Rost (1737-1817) and his son Johan Rost (1772-1815) ran the dyeing business Johann-Heinrich Rost & Sohn.

Johan Rost’s widow marries the Schümer company namesake, Lambertus Schümer (1787-1856).

Pre 1835
Lambertus Schümer operated a cotton and linen weaving mill and dyeing (refinement) business under the name L. Schümer.

His son Gerhardus Schümer took over his father’s business and in 1859/60 built a new dyeing, finishing and raising facility. He married Gerhard Rost’s widow.

At the opening of the commercial register Gerhardus Schümer named the company G. Schümer & Co. (Blue dyeing and printing).

Conversion of production to steam operation.

Development of a mechanical weaving mill with 210 looms.

Construction of the “new” factory on Nordhorner Straße with 370 looms, sizing, winding and raising facilities.

Beginning of the development of fire-resistant workwear fabrics. Since then, the company has been one of the innovators in this highly sensitive market segment.

Expansions of the dyeing plant and erection of the building on Nordhorner Straße.

Takeover of the Hammer & Hoon weaving mill, Gildehaus.

Takeover of the Remy weaving and dyeing plant, Schüttorf.

The company changed its legal format. It began trading under “G. Schümer GmbH & Co.”.

Takeover of the Maschmeyer weaving, dyeing and printing plant, with its entire staff. Registration of the SCHÜMER SECAN® trademark as a registered trademark for flame retardant fabrics.

With investments in weaving, dyeing and finishing a sustainable modernisation of essential production areas took place.

Introduction of new products to the market and further future-oriented investments.

The company Schümer is in its ninth generation of the founding family

The company began operating under “Schümer Textil GmbH”.

New production facility for equipment unique to Germany for our permanently flame-retardant Secan product range.

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