SCHÜMER SECAN® — maximum protection against heat and fire

The SCHÜMER SECAN® product range sets standards in heat and fire protection that far exceed all requirements of EN standards. This high-tech fabric made of pure or reinforced cotton is permanently flame retardant and produced via a unique production process, and meets the toughest requirements that have been developed together with safety experts, based on accident analyses.

Depending on customer requirements, the protective function against thermal exposure is retained even after 40, 50 or more washing and wearing cycles, as proven by practical tests. Please also note our washing and care instructions. No aftertreatment is required to maintain the flame retardant properties.

SCHÜMER SECAN® product range

SCHÜMER SECAN® sets safety standards that far exceed the requirements of EN standards. This means understandable, comprehensive quality control for all concerned. For years, we have ensured a consistently high level of safety with the standardised SCHÜMER SECAN®-inspection system. SCHÜMER SECAN® is available in weights from 190 to 700 g/m², in various bindings and colours.

In terms of flame retardancy, SCHÜMER SECAN® PLUS meets the proven SCHÜMER SECAN® standard in all aspects with optimised shrinkage and care properties. SECAN® SECURO fabric for protective clothing is a further development in proven SECAN® PLUS quality. Woven carbon ensures excellent antistatic properties according to EN 1149, which are still perfectly preserved after 50 washing and wearing cycles. The fabric is permanently flame-retardant in SCHÜMER SECAN® PLUS quality.

The strength of cotton

As a natural fibre product made of cotton, SCHÜMER SECAN® is particularly comfortable to wear, even over a long period of time. It is skin-friendly, breathable and absorbent. In case of fire, cotton has a great advantage over alternative synthetic fibre fabrics, of neither melting, or dripping, or shrinking. On contact with flames, it forms a solid, skin-friendly, non-glowing charring layer which, as a heat shield, additionally protects the wearer.

Price and performance

The fair market ratio between acquisition and maintenance costs on the one hand and useful life on the other, ensures a convincing balance between price and performance. According to customer wishes, SCHÜMER SECAN® fabrics can be adapted to individual conditions. On request, they can be equipped with chemical, dirt, oil or water repellents.

Put us to the test

Convince yourself and assess us with our “burn test”, which we can provide free of charge, upon request (only while stocks last).

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